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Lexi Valentin

Helping You Become Great

Build a flexible strategy that scales with your business and supports efforts beyond the basic requirement. It’s custom. It’s creative. It’s consulting. Fill out the form today to get more information, and start your journey.



If you’re not sure on the next step to take; let me help. Building a brand can be difficult. What’s your brand? Does your brand represent a hobby or a business? How much of your brand is suitable to show on each social media platform?


For me, it was about finding the best fit for the version of myself I wanted to grow into. There’s no reason to feel incompetent or insecure on your skillset. I’m here to help you find your perfect school, corporation and the best balance between school, work and life.

Personal Collaboration

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands in sports advocating for their messaging, being a face of their brand and more. Read more to see previous collaborations.


Organization can make your tasks that much easier. Allow me to help you organize your digital library. Tasks, projects, major events... the first step to accomplish all of these activities stems from your organizational practices.

Notebook and Pen

Anna Eng

"Lexi has completely changed my life. She helped me work through some of my toughest challenges on and off the court. She has taught me the importance of respect, leadership, and giving back to the youth in my community. She has inspired me to be a better person and student-athlete everyday. Lexi has always taught me to never give up on my dreams."

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself


Jarami Bond

"Over the past few years, I have witnessed Lexi equip organizations, entrepreneurs, and student athletes with the tools needed to strategically and authentically grow their brands. Her nurturing and heartfelt approach instills confidence and belief in her clients, empowering them to recognize and maximize their unique offerings. The perspective and insight that Lexi brings to her clients is incredibly valuable, establishing her as a premiere strategist, coach, and mentor."


Audrey Blackmore

"From the moment Lexi responded to my email in 2019, my life has greatly improved. She's made me feel motivated, excited, and willing to start this journey with her. Not only do you receive great tips and advice from her, but you inherit a great friend as well. Lex has shown me how to be unapologetically selfish when it comes to doing what's best for me and my future. She'll always do everything in her power to provide you with every opportunity she can get a hold of and share resources to lead you in the right way. Since I met her, I've gained so many clients with my videography and now have my own portfolio to build with, as well as my own company. She wholeheartedly loves what she does and has helped me pave the way to success and for that I'm forever grateful."

Exceeding Your Expectations



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At Run It Back, we're on a mission to create an equitable community through sport to allow others to follow. We have the opportunity to invest in, nurture and revolutionize the impact of communities through and beyond sport. 

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