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I am so glad you're here! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lexi Valentin. I am here to help you find the life you deserve. Stumbling across this page wasn't by accident, you're here to find your purpose! 

Before providing these offerings to others, I co-founded an organization that brought others together through sport and beyond. I realized, I was limiting myself and not emphasizing helping others enough. I was focusing only on the physical aspect of bringing others together and not the mental. I wanted something more and so I began to realize what helped me get to where I was in life and it came down to three buckets: strong mentors, a concrete personal brand and my organizational skills. 

My "aha moment" was when I realized I can use what helped me become who I am and help others. My idea was to provide these virtual offerings and change the way I've helped others in the past. This challenge of changing the dynamic in how I am helping others pushed me to develop my creating process. I now put a focus on deliverables I can provide my clients, materials I can provide virtually that will last a lifetime.

My core customers vary in age, industry and life journey. Check out the testimonials on my home page to see how I've helped student athletes receive the scholarships of their dreams, give young professionals the courage to pursue entrepreneurship full-time rather than intrapreneurship and how I've worked with others to build their personal brand and their own companies. 

My values continue to grow in strength as I look to help others, give to the community and create opportunities for others worldwide. I'm glad you're here and I can't wait to help you! 

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